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March 8, 2024
Case Study
Evaluating the Role of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics in Indian Bank Marketing


The banking landscape in India is experiencing a profound transformation, driven by the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics. This research paper delves into the evolving role of AI and big data analytics in Indian bank marketing, offering a comprehensive evaluation of the impact and implications of these advanced technologies. With an expanding customer base and the growing importance of providing personalized and efficient services, Indian banks are increasingly turning to AI and big data analytics to gain a competitive edge in a dynamic market.This study begins with an overview of the Indian banking industry and the motivations for this research, emphasizing the significance of staying relevant and customer-centric in an era of rapid technological change. The objectives of this research encompass exploring the applications, benefits, challenges, and future prospects of AI and big data analytics in the marketing domain of Indian banks. big.The research also addresses the challenges and limitations of AI and big data implementation, including concerns related to data privacy, skill gaps, and regulatory compliance. It calls attention to the need for effective integration of these technologies with legacy systems and underscores the importance of ethical considerations in the ever-evolving landscape of bank marketing.Ultimately, this paper offers insights into the future prospects of AI and big data in Indian bank marketing, projecting a trajectory towards hyper-personalization, advanced fraud detection, real-time analytics, and strategic collaborations. The findings and recommendations of this study are poised to inform stakeholders, industry practitioners, and policymakers, guiding their efforts in navigating the transformative journey of Indian bank marketing powered by AI and big data analytics.